Carpet Styles

Carpet style refers to the way a carpet is constructed i.e. how it’s cut and how it’s woven.  Not only will the carpet style determine how your carpet will look, it also affects it durability and stain resistance.  Knowing the pros and cons of each carpet style can help you make the right choice so that you get the most of out of your carpet.

Below is some basic information to get you started but remember – you don’t have to be a carpet expert because we are! Come and talk to Leigh and Murray at Jupps Floorcoverings today and let them assist you with your choice. They make it easy!

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpet is created from yarn which has been cut to produce an ‘upright’ pile.  Cut pile carpet styles include:

  • Plush pile which has a soft, velvety and uniform pile height giving it a luxurious and formal look
  • Twist pile which is highly twisted and lies in different directions giving it a smooth and textured finish

Cut pile carpets are hardwearing and maintain their pile well making them ideal for high foot trafficked areas and families with children or pets.  The textured finish is also less likely to show shading or tracking.

Loop Pile

Loop Pile is distinguished by varying loop sizes and tight weave that makes it hard for stains to penetrate and it doesn’t show vacuum marks or foot prints.  The variation in loop sizes creates a wide range of distinctive patterns making this a very versatile carpet option.  Loop pile carpet styles include:

  • Level loop pile which has a distinct textured even loop height and is ideal for heavy trafficked areas
  • Multilevel loop pile which has varying loop heights used in random or sequenced design to create textures and patterns
  • Sisal which has a textured loop in straight rows which are available in a variety heights, patterns and textures

Loop pile carpet is extremely durable however if you have a much loved pet that spends time indoors, their claws often become tangled in the loops damaging the carpet so this may not be the style for you.

Combination Cut and Loop Pile

These carpets have a combination of cut and looped yarns which can create sculptured effects and achieve a wide range of visual affects with patterns.  Combination cut and loop pile styles include Level or Textured which create a smooth and stylish finish with a wide range of distinctive patterns.


Frieze carpet has a distinguishing look with its ‘knobby’ and twisted appearance and is characterised by long fibres with a high twist that ‘flops’ over giving it a wonderfully luxurious look and feel.  Frieze is available in variations of thick and thin, and pile length, with the longest of these often referred to as “shag” piles.

Frieze has a good performance value as any impact on the carpet is along the side of the fibre where it is strongest, minimising damage and ensuring endurance.

It is harder to clean a shag style carpet as the long and loose fibres allow spills to run freely however choosing a carpet with excellent stain resistance, such as a solution dyed nylon, will assist with ease of cleaning and durability.