axminster carpetCarpet is by far the most popular and versatile floor covering and its luxurious feel just cannot be beaten.  Easy to maintain, it’s also cooler in summer, warmer in winter and much quieter than any other flooring.Jupps Floorcoverings have a wide selection of durable stain and odour resistant carpets to suit your budget and lifestyle that will make your living spaces both beautiful and functional.

As floor coverings are one of the biggest home purchases you will make, making the right choice in the beginning is vital to get the most out of your investment.  We’ve answered some common queries about carpet on our FAQ page and we also recommend that you read our information about carpet styles and fibre types.

These informative pages are a great starting point for choosing the right carpet but we recommend that you come and talk to us at Jupps Floorcoverings Bunbury as we understand that choosing the right carpet can be daunting but with the right advice and information, you can make your decision with confidence. With our many years experience, extensive knowledge and helpful customer service, we guarantee that you will be glad you did.